Mimi Macpherson

Mimi Macpherson; award winning business woman, and Environmentalist. Mimi’s success and popularity had stemmed from being a pioneer in the Tourism and Whale Watching Industry in Hervey Bay at the tender age 21. Within that time Mimi had raised more than $100,000 for the Pacific Whale Foundation Research, which is still close to her heart. Mimi’s workplace achievements have won her an elite amount of awards including; 6 (six) tourism awards and the” National Businesswoman of the Year” by the women’s network of Australia.

She was also voted one of ‘Australia’s top 30 Businesswoman’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Having gone from strength to strength – she has capitalised on that success to use her name to benefit being the Spokesperson for ‘Planet Ark’, ‘Clean Up Australia’, ‘Sydney Water’ and ‘Coast Care’ amongst other endeavors. Recently, Mimi finished a successful stint on the popular reality TV Show; ‘It Takes Two’ on Channel 7 – where her nerves for singing and performing took a high adrenalin rush that comes with stepping outside of her comfort zone.

However, that adrenalin rush took her to ‘third place’ & the confidence to perform. She laughed by saying; “I have dived with Great White Sharks in South Australia and I thought that was scary but; that was absolutely terrifying” Mimi is currently supporting – WWF Australia; which works to conserve Australia’s Plants & Animals by ending land clearing & degradation, addressing climate change & preserve and protecting fresh water marine and land environments. “I support WWF Australia because they are one of the only scientific conservation organizations in Australia; not only are they addressing the serious ‘Global Warming’ issue but some of the other issues we maybe forgetting about such as; our threatened endangered species and their habitats like; the gorillas, the pandas and my beloved humpback whale”.

Mimi’s love for the Earth has been working with WWF – Australia to combine the Coral Sea with the Great Barrier Reef to create the world’s largest Marine Park, which would be a historical ruling by the Australian Government. Her work also includes; program with communities in Africa mainly; Malawi & Zambezi to educate & support unprivileged communities to ‘how better to look after their environment and endangered species’.

Mimi spent several hours with renowned couture fashion designer, makeup artist and photographer Richard de Chazal last week to mark her new involvement with her favorite make up brand Evolve.

One to usually shy away from the world of glamor, this latest liaison is the culmination of a 5 year loyalty and love of this professional brand of make up that will now for the first time, become available to everyone online, and will be showcased along with de Chazals’ stunning couture creations at a VIP event at the Marriott Hotel Brisbane to mark the end of fashion week.

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